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Fishing for food… literally

Shrimping ‘the activity or occupation of fishing for shrimps’ and favourite past time for the young and old in Taiwan. We decided to make like locals on our first night in Taipei (after a huge feed at the modern toilet cafe) and try our hand at this fishing frenzy.

When we were staying in Taipei we stayed in the Wanhua district in Meander hostel (would recommend), so shrimping places aren’t the easiest to come by. I’d read ‘Willflyforfood’ blog (the best travel blog I’ve found) which recommended Urban Shrimping in Shilin district and was dying to try it, however it was a bit of a trek on our first night in Taipei. Instead  we went for the more rustic and local ‘prawn shrimp fishing’. I’d be warned in advance about the murky water and reassured it was clean (apparently darker water is better to catch shrimps, the lights dazzle and scare them). We each got a rod, bait, basket and were given an hour to catch as many shrimp as possible.

Murky waters and local shrimping talent

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Blogging on the bog from the modern toilet cafe Taiwan

Some may call me immature but nothing beats toilet humor and the modern toilet cafe Taiwan has this by the bucket load-so where better to base my first post on my global adventures than on the bog in Taiwan. Toilet seats to get comfy on to enjoy a well balanced meal out of miniature thrones, drinks out of urinals and  freshly whipped chocolate ice cream served on a bed pan (complimentary I might add!) – what’s not to love?!

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