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Beware of Bali Belly (BB)

So my travels took me across the globe, from the bright lights of China, to the tranquil temples of Japan and beyond. It was not always smooth sailing… Next stop Bali.

I love food- can’t get enough of it, however, this was precisely my problem when I arrived in Bali. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been to China (although I couldn’t claim it was tummytrouble free), experienced the sichuan peppercorns and suspect meat, enjoyed a little too much kimchi in South Korea and went wild for brunching in Oz, so I thought I knew my limits. Bali however  is a different ball game, buffet central, I think thanks to the high numbers of hotel complexes. I’m not one for buffets, in fact I tend to avoid them, getting overwhelmed by all the choice and piling it high on my plate (as if they’ll run out of food) when I should take a more strategic approach practiced by my sister. Bali buffets were an exception. Continue reading “Beware of Bali Belly (BB)”