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Porking out at Piggy’s

I can’t think of anywhere I’ve been to (to date) that adopts the ‘waste not want not’ ethos more literally than China… queue Piggy’s.

So context…it had been a longgg day of site seeing in Shanghai and we needed something substantial to eat following reaching great heights in one of the worlds tallest buildings ‘Shanghai tower’- disclaimer- I hate heights and the whole thing had me weak at the knees.

So we hit up the mall- the safest bet we’ve found for decent food, and menus with pictures (essential to overcome the language barriers). And along came Piggy’s! We wanted something safe and hearty before our next adventure to ‘Hangzhou’ the next morning, and Piggy’s, a Korean BBQ style restaurant, seemed like a safe bet. Pig figurines throughout, a multi-coloured industrial look inside, photo opportunities out, and all staff with little piggy hats, what else could you wish for?! We were asked if we wanted pork or beef (thankfully our server had some English- onto a winner, right?), but we were in piggy’s so Pork prevailed! All seemed fairly safe to begin with, just a pork omelette, some tasty bacon type rashers, all familiar stuff.


Next up there was some form of battered bite, we were quite at our leisure and on familiar turf- or so we thought! To our surprise when we bit into these ‘imposter’ breaded pork bites, it wasn’t meat that met us but some form of crunchy cartilage! Unfortunately we ate them at the same time so there was no pre-warning! Yup it was definitely an ear or a tail… gritty stuff, and not something I would repeat!

So for any Western traveller who fancies Piggy’s just a head up- bite with caution and expect the unexpected!





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