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Reminiscing about Ramen

Fukuoka, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Kyoto, Osaka and Tokyo were just some of the hot spots on my latest adventure to Japan. From Harajuku girls (not something you see everyday in Belfast) to themed cafes, temples to war museums- Japan really is a crazy but cultured destination that should be on everyone’s go to.

Since coming back from Japan I’ve been reminiscing about ramen (calling someone, anyone, in Belfast, pleaseeee open a ramen joint!), the dish of the day no matter where you are. The perfect places for busy business men, with fast and fuss free eating. On entering there is usually a machine to order your noodles from where you pay and get your ticket.


You then hand this over behind the counter and get served your noodles. Anyone who says you can’t eat cost effectively in Japan were going to the wrong noodle venues. We worked on the basis of if the locals like it, we’ll love it- so keep your eyes peeled for queues, it’ll be worth the weight and usually cheaper- BONUS!



You can select how you want the noodles cooked, how hot (mild, medium, hot) you would like the broth, what extras you’d like on top! Hakata ramen is widely accepted as the best pork bone ramen in Japan (they aren’t wrong!).

The etiquette of ramen is sort of alien to us Brits- slurping in a restraunt is ordinarily frowned upon, and eating tends to be a social occasion. Ramen however is the perfect place to eat alone and the slurping is actually complimentary!

Gun to my head if I had to pick between rice and ramen, I’d go rice everytime… however after indulging in the best ramen throughout Japan i’m not so sure!


Insiders tip…never wear white clothes and eat ramen- I learnt the hard way! Bon apetite! 



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