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Xi’an eXtravaganzas

Muslim Quarter- Beiyuanmen Muslim Night Market was one of my favourite local snack streets throughout my travels! Not for the faint hearted and definitely difficult to stomach for vegetarians but it trumps my food fanatics night market musts- food for thought…

  • Freshly made noodles (Xian is known for it’s cold noodles) and countless sweets
  • ‘Roujiamo’ marinated beef or lamb stuffed inside a freshly baked bun. (AMAZING! We followed the crowds and it lead us here…definitely worth the wait!)2016-20
  • Freshly made Xi’an Dumplings  


  • Rice Cake (sweet but savory… hard to get your taste buds around)sdr
  • Meat on a stick- Soooo it didn’t look the most appetizing or the cleanliest eat ever, but there’s no guarentee with that anywhere in China… These were definitely worth the risk of the dreaded TD!!  

    Be sure to check it out during your trip to see the terracotta warriors! Definitely worth a walk along Xi’an’s city wall (especially in the evening) when it’s lit up like Christmas, you could even take a bike ride along it… 



Food fanatic taking the trots global...

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