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Fishing for food… literally

Shrimping ‘the activity or occupation of fishing for shrimps’ and favourite past time for the young and old in Taiwan. We decided to make like locals on our first night in Taipei (after a huge feed at the modern toilet cafe) and try our hand at this fishing frenzy.

When we were staying in Taipei we stayed in the Wanhua district in Meander hostel (would recommend), so shrimping places aren’t the easiest to come by. I’d read ‘Willflyforfood’ blog (the best travel blog I’ve found) which recommended Urban Shrimping in Shilin district and was dying to try it, however it was a bit of a trek on our first night in Taipei. Instead  we went for the more rustic and local ‘prawn shrimp fishing’. I’d be warned in advance about the murky water and reassured it was clean (apparently darker water is better to catch shrimps, the lights dazzle and scare them). We each got a rod, bait, basket and were given an hour to catch as many shrimp as possible.

Murky waters and local shrimping talent

There was a great sense of camaraderie at shrimping; sat around the pool we got talking to various Taiwanese residents, many of whom offered useful insights to help us on our quest for shrimp.

‘don’t move the rod at all keep it in the same area and let shrimp come to it’

‘watch movement of rod and follow’

‘let float go down for 10 seconds then pull’

Unfortunately none of these pointers worked in our favour only catching 3 between the two of us (the excitement when we did catch the shrimp however was heard and felt by everyone). Luckily though the owner took pity on us and we got a few extra shrimp thrown in for nothing!


The shrimps were soaked in salt and put onto a little grill ready for us to eat. We sat at one of the little tables and enjoyed them with a beer and watched as the locals showed us how it was done.


Couldn’t recommend this more, it was a hilarious night and really made our trip to Taiwan, an activity we would love to enjoy mid week in Belfast. Fingers crossed for a shrimping joint to open soon!

Prawn Shrimp Fishing No. 190, Jinzhou St,, Zhongshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 104




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