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Blogging on the bog from the modern toilet cafe Taiwan

Some may call me immature but nothing beats toilet humor and the modern toilet cafe Taiwan has this by the bucket load-so where better to base my first post on my global adventures than on the bog in Taiwan. Toilet seats to get comfy on to enjoy a well balanced meal out of miniature thrones, drinks out of urinals and  freshly whipped chocolate ice cream served on a bed pan (complimentary I might add!) – what’s not to love?!

As anyone who’s been to Asia will know, it’s a crazy gimmicky place where any opportunity is a picture opportunity for the Instagram savey Chinese or in this case Taiwanese, and the toilet cafe is no exception. They’ve tapped into the novelty market giving us a fun and extremely random dining experience,not for the faint hearted. Every element has been thought through, from table decoration complete with a giant poo centre piece, to every dish served in weird and wonderful toilet memorabilia. When in Taiwan bubble milk tea is a must as the creators of this lovely milky beverage, an ideal way to water down the hot Thai spicy stir fried pork (pad kra pow moo), which whilst delicious is enough to make you run for the bathrooms with the spice and grease. WARNING it may be a toilet cafe but expect queues for the lavatory with only 1 on the second floor, however never fear it is a toilet cafe so expect Japanese toilet with all the gismos (heated toilet seat? maybe that explains the queue). The prices are more expensive than you’d expect to pay for the quality of the food in Taiwan, but you really are getting your moneys worth for this one off experience! 

Give it a go if you’re in Taiwan, a fun experience even to see other customers primarily Taiwanese who are generally more reserved than us Brits respond to all the memorabilia 

Modern Toilet Cafe- Taipei Ximen 2F, No 7,Ln 50,Xining S. Rd., Taipei City



Food fanatic taking the trots global...

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